Monday, January 21, 2013

The Kissing Stool

So, if you can't tell from the photo below, Brandon is tall. And I am short. I accept it for what it is. This combination is attractive to me. I love standing next to him, and I love our height difference. But with all of my delving into wedding planning head first, I have noticed a few things. One of these things is that the first kiss is a primo photo opportunity. And as much as I love my current height, I think that it would be awesome to be closer to Brandon when we have our first kiss as a married couple. Thankfully, there is a lot of imspiration out there!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I can't decide whether I would like a handmade one, or just a store bought one with some custom paint and our wedding logo on it. I really think that customizing one would be easier, but we'll just have to see!

Do any of you have this same issue? How did you deal with it? :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

House Dreaming: The Beginning

Everyone has ideas of what their "dream house" would look like, but since I'm more of a realist, I usually think of what my house will look like. I have always been drawn to simplistic, rustic elements. Add a splash of paint and some items to make it unique, and there you have it- my version of a "dream home." Here's snippets of what I see in my head for my bathroom.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Face Wash to Rule Them All

I love this face wash. I really really love it. (Sally Field reference, ftw!) I just took a cue from the plethora of information on DIY face washes out here on the interwebz and the things I had on-hand to create the wash. One blog in particular, Simple Mom, helped me understand just how cool these two oils are.  It's super simple to put together (no heating or fancy tools required) and pretty cheap, too! C'mon, I'll show you how it's done.

What you'll need:
Castor oil 
Extra-virgin Olive Oil 
An empty bottle
Measuring spoons

First things first, gather all your ingredients up. I recently bought some new organic cold pressed olive oil (yay!), and had some cold pressed and cold processed castor oil that my future mother-in-law gave me, so I didn't even have to make a trip for this DIY. I would recommend that any oil that you're using on your face be cold pressed and/or cold processed. Cold pressing helps to retain as many nutrients as possible, and that can only help your skin!

Since I am re-using an old jojoba oil container, I peeled off the label and cleaned the outside. There was a tiny bit of the jojoba oil left in the bottom, but I'm pretty sure it won't hurt anything to leave it, so I didn't dump it out.

Now, you'll notice that I haven't listed any measurements yet. There is a reason for that. Depending upon your skin type, you are going to want varying ratios of EVOO to Castor oil. Here's the breakdown:
-Normal Skin: 1:1 ratio of Castor oil to EVOO
-Oily or Acne-prone Skin (that's me!): 3:1 ratio of Castor oil to EVOO
-Dry Skin: 1:3 ratio of Castor oil to EVOO

Step 3? 4? (ahh, who cares...) is to put your ingredients into the bottle. I started with the Castor oil and added 9 tablespoons to the bottle. Since my ratio is 3:1, I'm going to add 3 tablespoons of Olive oil. If I can figure out how to open it, that is!

(No lie, it took me about 25 revolutions before I figured out there had to be something I was missing! Haha!) So after feeling like a doofus, I pulled the little gold tab and voila! I had an open EVOO bottle. Whew. I proceeded to add my Olive oil to my Castor oil, which made a really pretty gradient of yellow to almost clear. Seriously! Look!

How pretty is that! And then when you shake it up it gets all bubbly and makes me go "oohh, ahh." True story. The final (and most important) step is to use it on your face! So, go make some and then tell me how it treats your face/if you added something else/whatever else you want to tell me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let The Planning Begin!

I am engaged! I am over the moon about this whole experience and I am more than ready to get started with the planning and execution of one of the biggest days of my life. In a lot of ways I feel like I already have so many things planned out, and then on the other side of the coin there are tons of things I'm just not sure about. Thankfully, I have an awesome fiance that wants to be involved, and I want him to feel involved. So while there will be many changes throughout this crazy ride of a year to a year-and-a-half, these things will not change:

  • This wedding is not about me. It is about celebrating our love for each other and is an opportunity to express our commitment to each other in front of all of our friends and family. In essence, it is really about everyone but me. The people who have inspired both Brandon and myself, the friends we have made in our lifetime, and the sanctimonious affair that is a wedding. This wedding is not about me.
  • My wedding will be a unique one. I'm not trying to sound pompous or condescending, really. I love my friends and family with all of my heart, but Brandon and I deserve to be ourselves. I just don't want any conflict over feeling like I need to appease other people's personal tastes. This is our love we are celebrating, after all. While I will try extra-hard to make everyone feel comfortable, in the end I just want to have fun.
  • There will a crap ton of DIYs. What can I say? I love the thought of taking something and making it your own! I'm a pretty ecclectic gal so having a DIY wedding is straight up my alley. Fortunately I'll have a lot of talented ladies (and some men!) by my side to help me accomplish the wedding of my (and Brandon's) dreams. 
So, are you recently engaged? Recently married? Planning a wedding right now yourself? Drop a comment, I'll take all the advice and inspiration I can get! 


P.S. There's more gushy photos below. :)
P.P.S Do you guys want me to share the engagement story? Yay or nay? 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beginnings are hard to find.

Hello, all!

I'm not exactly sure what I would like to accomplish with this blog. All I know is that I need some place to process life out in a permanent way. There are so many things that I would like to do with this blog, but I'm almost 100% positive that the things I've thought about doing have already been done- and much better than I could ever hope to accomplish!

This is my first post and I'm already spilling my guts. What an awesome start!

But, I'm just going to get started- I can at least do the basics.

My name is Keeli and I'm 21.
I am in college for nursing, but that has been put on hold for now due to family issues.
I am pretty introverted, as evidenced by the fact that I would rather write down my fears, accomplishments, and feelings than talk them out with my friends like a normal human being.
I live in Georgia, USA but I don't believe that I have a country bone in my body.
I like hardcore rock music, top knots, and motorcycles. I am just one eclectic human and that is a-okay!

So, anyone have any suggestions for things I should post about? If you do, reply in a comment below. It would be oh so helpful. :)

Till next time,